Distribute your product to more sales channels

AX increases your sales profits by connecting you with more online channels to sell your product on - and you don't have to go far to do it. AX partners with online channels so they are accessible to you.

See all your management needs gathered in one place 

No need to manually find and import all your product, order and settlement data. AX gathers your data from all your connected channels and stores them in one place.


Register your product once, and you are set to go. Check any changes to your products on one place in AX.


View all your collected order data such as customer information, order details and settlement receipts from one searchable database.


Assign different permissions to each of your staff members so they only see what is important to them.

Predict the Future

AX organizes all your data into comprehensive charts and graphs, then analyzes the data to provide smart suggestions for future sales.